Egypt's New President Wants To Sue Iran's State News Agency For Completely Fabricating An Interview With Him

Mohamed Morsi Muslim Brotherhood

Photo: AP

Earlier this week comments from new Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi about reopening relations with Iran and renegotiating the Camp David accord with Israel caused headlines around the world.Now a spoke-person has denied the interview with Iran’s Fars News Agency ever actually happened.

“Mr. Morsi did not give any interview to Fars; everything that this agency has published is without foundation,” a spokesman for the Egyptian presidency told Egyptian state news agency MENA.

Egypt is reportedly planning to sue Fars for the interview, which contained comments that directly contradicted some of his stated policies.

Fars are saying that the interview did happen. Quite why the confusion exists is anyone’s guess, but it seems to be par for the course with Egypt, the country where Mubarak dies, but doesn’t die, Egypt’s election is cancelled but not cancelled, and parliament is elected, but not elected.

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