Moron Test Coming Out With Plush Toy, Working On Revamped Version Of App For iPad

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Photo: Moron Test

Are we about to see a breakout in toys based on iPhone apps?Angry Birds is already selling plush toys and it’s soon going to have some company from another best selling app.

DistinctDev, the developers behind hit iPhone app, The Moron Test, are planning on putting out their own plush toys some time in the near future.

Distinct Dev is just a four person operation, so why put effort into a toy? Berkeley Malagon, CEO and president of DistinctDev, tells us it’s not to make money, “it’s a way to say thanks to fans, it’s cool to give something cool to our fans.”

If we get one more iPhone app making stuffed toys, it will officially be a trend. Doodle Jump, you interested?

What else is DistinctDev up to?

  • Working on building an iPad app. Malagon, says they’ve had time to look at the iPad and apps to get a sense of what works and what doesn’t. He wants to develop an app that takes full advantage of the bigger screen, and creates an entirely new experience, not just a port of the iPhone app to the iPad.
  • It just partnered with PocketGod, and it wants to do more partnerships. Pocket God is another hit application. Moron Test added some characters from Pocket God to create a new test inside its app. Malagon says he’s looking to do more of that sort of cross-branding promotion.
  • It wants to sell Collider, its second iPhone app. Can DistinctDev make a second hit app? It just released Collider, which is a physics puzzle game. It topped out at 50 in the paid rankings. Malagon, says the company will start looking at other ways to try and get it higher in the rankings.

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