Morocco And Jordan Want To Join A Massive Pro-American Alliance In The Middle East

King Mohammed of Morocco
King Mohammed VI of Morocco

[credit provider=”AP Images”]

A cold war is developing in the Middle East and every country is picking sides.Morocco and Jordan submitted bids today to join the Gulf Cooperative Council, a group that includes Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, according to the AFP.

Obviously there’s something going on here because Morocco is nowhere near the Gulf. What those countries have in common is a strong allegiance to America and antipathy toward Iran.

Tensions with Iran have been aggravated since GCC troops entered Bahrain to suppress majority-Shia protesters.

Meanwhile Egypt has reestablished ties with Iran and may cut ties with Israel — effectively reducing ties with the U.S. Iran is also said to be encouraging protests in Syria against the Sunni/Baathist regime.

Thus in every major conflict the subtext is a realignment of power in the Middle East.

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