2 Moroccan women are facing trial for wearing skirts

Skirt model legs

Two women who were arrested last month on charges of “gross indecency” for wearing skirts have gone on trial in Morocco, the BBC reports.

The women were arrested in Inezgane after a man drew attention to what they were wearing and a crowd gathered. The two women, who are 23 and 29 years old, were then allegedly insulted and assaulted, according to Paris Match.

The trial has already drawn a lot of attention and an
online petition is calling for the women’s release.
The petition also notes that none of the men who allegedly attacked the women are being prosecuted.

“We are all concerned! Wearing a dress is not a crime!” Majda S. who wrote the petition added.

As of Monday at 3:45 pm, the petition had gathered almost 25,000 signatures.

The trial also sparked a number protests in Morocco including one supporting the two women in front of the courthouse on Monday. Protestors are saying that women should be free to wear what they want.

The two women are being tried under Morocco’s penal code which states that someone found guilty of “public obscenity” can be sentenced for up to two years in jail. The judge is set to give a verdict Monday, July 13.

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