MID-DAY UPDATE: Dem Leaders Say They Have The Votes, Signs Of A Deal With Abortion Foes, Odds Above 90%

Good morning. Today is the Super Bowl and Final Four of healthcare reform all rolled into one.

What transpires today could literally change the course of American history in a meaningful way, affecting matters fiscal, constitutional, and moral.

Democrats are putting on a brave face. They have no other choice. Appearing on ABC’s The Week, Democrat John Larson said: “We have the votes, as we speak!”

But as of last night, Nancy Pelosi was still trying to broker an emergency agreement with anti-abortion Democrats, according to POLITICO. One possibility is for the legislation to pass as-is, with plans for some kind of executive order from Obama limiting abortion funding.


  • It sounds very much like a deal will be reached with the Anti-abortion democrats (TheHill)
  • On Meet The Press, Republicans and Democrats stated different opinions on whether the votes were there or not.
  • Wavering Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur says she’s a YES vote. (AP)
  • And now the contract on InTrade is above 90% for the first time in its history.


Lots more to come throughout the day…

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