Morning SmartBites

Forbes buying ClipMarks?  Not clear. Our Peter Kafka, late of Forbes, has this to say: “Roger McNamee, whose Elevation Partners took a 40% stake in Forbes a year ago, introduced Clipmarks and Eric Goldstein to Forbes sometime in 2006 and was enthusiastic about getting to use the technology somehow. Eric showed us the technology, which looked very cool, but we didn’t do anything with it for a long time. Last spring, around May, there was a concerted push to integrate Clipmarks tech into So all is this is either old news, rereported in an odd way, or an incremental move for Forbes and that makes sense, much like the company’s acquistion of Investopedia earlier this year.”

Warner Music is already sick of being public and may go private again.  Another name for this game, at which many companies and executives excel, is called “how to repeatedly grease your private-equity and i-banking buds while hosing your public shareholders.”

Oxygen Media will distribute long- and short-form video through Yahoo. The deal is presumably part of Yahoo!’s strategy to integrate-video-everywhere-to-dent-YouTube’s-lead, and expands Oxygen’s quiet digital business.  Yahoo’s strategy is probably futile (insofar as YouTube is really the target).  Too early to tell re Oxygen.

Email marketing company Datran Media bought ad-server Chintano.  The deal will allow Datran to extend its Exchange Online cost-per-acquisition platform into banner ads.  Datran also grabbed DoubleClick executive Scott Knoll as SVP and GM.  DoubleClick is now serving as a talent bank for the rest of the city.