The dramatically different morning routines of people in 8 major cities around the world

CoffeeFlickr/thevelvetbird. Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0In Moscow, a full 75% of residents include coffee or tea in their morning routine.

All over the world, people fill their mornings with similar activities: hitting snooze, cooking breakfast, getting ready to face the day ahead. But these morning routines differ drastically from city to city, according to data from IKEA’s 2015 “Life at Home” report.

The study surveyed more than 8,000 people, ages 16 to 60, in eight major cities worldwide about their morning habits, and found several interesting differences between residents of Berlin, Moscow, London, New York, Mumbai, Paris, Stockholm, and Shanghai.

In Mumbai, more than 70% of people eat breakfast alone. Over in Shanghai, only 28% do. While 61% of Stockholm residents rise before 7 a.m., just 36% do in Moscow.

Here’s how these eight cities stack up on six aspects of their morning routines:

Stockholm is full of early risers.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

People in Mumbai hit snooze more often than any other city in the study.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

More than 70% of residents in Mumbai and Shanghai eat breakfast with company, while a mere 28% in Stockholm do.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

Shanghai residents consume the least amount of coffee or tea; Only 16% make it a part of their morning routine.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

People all over the world show affection in the morning. In every city except Shanghai, more than half of residents say they hug or kiss someone first thing.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

Grooming proves universally important, as more than 50% of residents in all eight cities spend at least an hour getting ready.

Florence Fu/Business Insider

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