Markets Are On A Total Tear Right Now


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We wrote earlier that European markets were rallying, but then UK GDP came out and it was a miss so we figured that was worth an update.Well…

The rally has gotten even bigger.

Check out the moves in Europe.

  • Spain: +2.5%
  • Italy: +2.2%
  • France: +1.2%
  • Germany: +1%

Even UK stocks are still solidly higher after that GDP report.

To some extent, economic data doesn’t matter at this point for Europe. When your biggest fear is total collapse caused by a structural breakup of your economic system, the day’s mood about whether leaders will let things go to dust or not is more important than the latest economic datapoint.

Things are looking very good in the US as well.

Dow futures are pointing to a gain of 67, while the Apple-dominated NASDAQ is going to surge well over 1% at the open.

Speaking of Apple, it’s going bananas. In German trading, the stock is up over 10%.

Beyond that, the big story of the day will come from the Fed, which announces its monetary policy decision this afternoon.

See here for a little sample of what to expect there >

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