UPDATE: Markets See-Saw In Europe, Stocks In The Green

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Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

ORIGINAL POST, SEE UPDATE BELOW: After yesterday’s huge market losses, markets are mostly heading higher.It’s not particularly dramatic, however.

  • Spain +0.7%
  • Italy +0.76%
  • German +0.3%
  • France +0.3%

Meanwhile, borrowing costs are tad higher for both Spain and Italy, and that’s concerning.

All eyes, of course, are on the EU summit coming up later this week.

US futures are modestly higher.


And the rally is fading. Here’s an intraday look at the Italian market, which is now down 0.7%.


The Spanish market, which had been up earlier, is now flat.

The culprit seems to have been an auction of short-term Spanish debt that the market didn’t like.

UPDATE 6:08: And now markets are modestly positive again….

Italy is up 0.2%.

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