'Get off your high horse about this tax thing': Morning Joe host slams Clinton response to Trump tax records

Mika brzezinski joe scarboroughMSNBCMika Brzezinsk andi Joe Scarborough discuss Donald Trump’s federal income tax returns.

The “Morning Joe” panel appeared to agree that Hillary Clinton is better off not discussing the fact that Donald Trump sustained a loss of over $900 million in 1995, allowing him to potentially avoid paying income taxes for 18 years.

During a discussion on Tuesday’s show, co-host Mika Brzezinski praised the Republican presidential nominee’s reaction to Saturday’s New York Times revelation about Trump’s massive 1995 loss.

Brzezinski argued that Trump was smart to embrace his avoidance of paying federal income taxes, and criticised the former secretary of state’s defensive posture over her use of a private email server and decision to accept speaking fees for private speeches to financial institution audiences.

“The reaction to this New York Times story on Donald Trump’s part was brilliant,” Brzezinski said. “And the thing is, he didn’t think twice about it. He just went there. While she has been hiding this speech money, hiding this foundation stuff, hiding this email stuff, and trying to get around it.”

Brzezinski argued that Clinton’s decision to accept money from Wall Street for private speeches was “the same thing” as Trump’s potential attempt to avoid paying federal income taxes after losing over $900 million while his Atlantic City casinos struggled in 1995.

“[Voters] are not feeling a complete connection with her,” Brzenski said. “And this doesn’t help to get all high and mighty. Get off your high horse about this tax thing. Unless laws were broken, it’s not an issue. You guys cancel each other out.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough agreed with Brzezinski’s characterization, predicting that many voters would see Trump’s potential tax avoidance as a smart move to take advantage of a broken tax system for his own financial benefit.

“This tax thing — please, find me one person who pays more taxes than they have to pay. You can’t do it. So everybody who is acting so shocked that he did what he is legally entitled to do is a freaking hypocrite,” Scarborough said. 

Watch the exchange below, via MSNBC:

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