Morgan Stanley's William Brian Jennings Files Motion To Dismiss Cabbie Stabbing Suit

W. Bryan Jennings


The attorney for the Morgan Stanley managing director who was arrested and charged with a hate crime for allegedly threatening and stabbing a taxi driver has just filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.Morgan Stanley’s William Bryan Jennings’ attorney, Eugene Riccio, is alleging that there were “material misstatements and omissions from the Affidavit to the degree that the case should be dismissed.” 

For instance, the motion filed today in Connecticut Superior Court alleges that taxi driver said the alleged stabbing occurred on Route 1, while a statement to the police by the taxi driver claims the incident occurred Jennings’ near residence, which the motion notes is about a mile part.  (The motion to dismiss is full of examples and we’ve included the full thing below.)

In case you need a refresher, Darien police charged Jennings with second-degree assault, theft of services and second-degree intimidation based on race or bigotry.  He was released on $9,500 bond. 

The bank employee has been accused of using racial slurs against Egyptian-born taxi driver Mohamed Anmar. He’s also been accused of stabbing the taxi driver in the hand with a penknife.    

The alleged incident occurred in December 2011, after a fare dispute following a ride from the city to the Jennings’s Connecticut home.

When the taxi arrived at managing director’s home, Jennings refused to pay a $200 cab fare.  The police said that the cab driver then drove off with Jennings still in the backseat to find a cop to settle the dispute, but when the taxi driver stuck his hand into the backseat window he was stabbed by Jennings with a penknife, The Connecticut Post reported.

Jennings’ attorney denied the allegations claiming his client was a victim of a “criminal abduction.” 

Jennings, the co-head of fixed income capital markets North America, was placed on leave by Morgan Stanley.  He pleaded “not guilty” to charges in Connecticut Superior Court earlier this month.

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Here’s the motion to dismiss:

State v. William B. Jennings (Motion to Dismiss)

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