Stephen Roach: Here’s Why There’s A 40% Chance Of A Double Dip


Steven Roach, Morgan Stanley’s Chairman and former economist, says there’s a 40% chance of a double-dip.

Here’s how he calculates it, as told to the Wall Street Journal in a video interview:

  • Weak recovery
  • Weak labour market
  • Weak consumer purchasing power
  • The consumer, 70% of the economy, is still massively over extended in terms of debt, unprepared in terms of saving
  • We’re unable to rely on property and credit bubbles to support consumption anymore
  • If you have a disappointing consumer and you have any kind of unexpected shock, you could go down again

Double-dips are not as infrequent as you think, he says.

(BTW, the number of people searching “double-dip” in google has spiked recently.)

The predecessor is a weak recovery, and then there has to be some shock [to spark a double-dip].

For what it’s worth, Roach has a lot of critics. Krugman has gone off on his arguments, Mish Shedlock has called them nonsense, and Roach has been saying we’re screwed since last September.

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