Morgan Stanley: Here's One Major Emerging Market That's Going To Sink Next Year

Turkey’s had a fantastic year, growing at over 7%. But all of that may be about to end, as Turkey looks like it will end up somewhere between the developed world and the BRICs next year.

Morgan Stanley projects it’s growth will fall to about 4.5% in 2011 and 2012.


Photo: Morgan Stanley

Included in The Economist’s CIVETS (and they projected this GDP fall), their emerging rivals to the BRICs, Turkey has had a decidedly less bullish end to 2010, than beginning.

While the iShares index fund for the country is up 22.71% for the year, it’s down 7.87% over the next month. So maybe the lower GDP outlook, compared to 2010, is already priced in to its equity market.


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