MORGAN STANLEY: These Are The 7 Most Attractive Stocks In America

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With musings on the Fed taper murdering bonds and confusing stocks, investors have been parsing the markets for signs of life.

Markets have been crazy volatile as of late, with scary swings in the Dow

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few attractive bets out there.

Morgan Stanley recently published its list of Best Ideas from around the world, and the list included seven stocks from North America.



Price Target:$29.50

P/E ratio:33.2

EPS CAGR:136.8%


Calpine began the month at $19.50, rallied, consolidated, and now is headed on the upside. Because Calpine has high growth and a lower percentage of returns from divident yields, Morgan Stanley believes it will outperform.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Canadian Pacific Railways


Price Target:$140.00

P/E ratio:19.4

EPS CAGR:40.1%


Morgan Stanley believes Canadian Pacific will grow as it delivers crude oil to refineries in new production regions far from pipelines.

Source: Morgan Stanley

CBS Corporation


Price Target:$51.00

P/E ratio:15.2

EPS CAGR:14.8%


As America's number 1-ranked network, CBS' stock has enjoyed a major recovery since 2009 lows. And ordered by market capitalisation, CBS recently overtook the #130 spot from Yahoo! in the S&P 500.

Source: Morgan Stanley

FMC Technologies


Price Target:$65.00

P/E ratio:25.4

EPS CAGR:27.8%

Industry:Energy, Technology

FMC, which makes oil drilling equipment, just signed a $1.2 billion deal to develop a Nigerian oil field. With a major chunk of their operations abroad, FMC will likely continue to grow thanks to international markets, according to Zacks Equity Research.

Source: Morgan Stanley



Price Target:$996.00

P/E ratio:20.9

EPS CAGR:14.6%


Google stock has surged 57% in the last year, leading 10 banks to now target Google shares at $1,000.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Michael Kors Holdings


Price Target:$74.00

P/E ratio:24.1

EPS CAGR:25.4%

Industry:Specialty Retail

Kors' revenue increased 57.1% in the last quarter, and management expects sales to be in the $2.6-2.7 billion ballpark in fiscal 2014.

Source: Morgan Stanley

News Corp


Price Target:$51.00

P/E ratio:15.2

EPS CAGR:14.8%


News Corp reported quarterly revenue of $9.54 billion on May 8th, beating the analysts consensus estimate of $9.17 billion.

Source: Morgan Stanley

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