MORGAN STANLEY: Tesla Model X Will Prove Tesla Is No 'One Hit Wonder'

Morgan Stanley analyst and big-time Tesla bull Adam Jonas is out with a new research note about the startup’s forthcoming Model X SUV.

He isn’t holding back, writing:

We’d be disappointed if the Model X did not sweep every major Car of the Year award on offer by the automotive media. Taking nothing away from the Model S as an exciting, historically important vehicle, Tesla has learned many valuable lessons since the development of its first entirely in-house designed and engineered product. Tesla has far greater financial and technical resources at its disposal to apply to the Model X line that did not exist for the Model S.

Jonas expects the Model X to “overtake Tesla’s flagship S in volume by 2018,” as the carmaker ramps up production on the SUV.

After Tesla announced second-quarter earnings, CEO Elon Musk admitted that early production versions of the Model S sedan had some problems, but added that the company has addressed nearly all of them in its question to deliver the “Platonic ideal” of a service-free automobile.

Jonas has an interesting angle on the Model X, which like the Model S will run on 100% electric power. “We’re expecting the X’s main selling point to focus on driving pleasure (acceleration, handling, AWD), cool features (upgraded infotainment system, falcon door feature, interior room and comfort) augmented by first-to-market safety features in the area of autonomous driving and “car learning,” he writes.

“Some in the market have described Tesla as a ‘one hit wonder’ with the Model S,” he points out. “We expect the Model X will put that to rest very, very quickly.”

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