Everything You Need To Know About The Exploding Tablet Market

Steve Jobs with iPad

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The tablet market is exploding, but it’s sometimes easy to miss just how fast it’s growing.Morgan Stanley Research has a good report on the state of the tablet market and, more importantly, where it’s going.

Summary in four words? Tablets will be HUUUUUGE.

No other category of mobile device has ever grown so fast.

What's more, it's huge in the enterprise as well.

Global demand is huge. (Look at China!)

Over 40% of people want tablets. As prices drop, more and more will get them.

It's not just a fad: interest is growing.

People use tablets mostly to consume content...

...Which happens to be what people use PCs for as well!

People are shifting some of the time they spend consuming content on their PC to their tablet, but still use mostly their PC to create content. (This is consistent with our personal experience.)

People are using PCs less and less...

This means tablets are cannibalising PCs. (Watch out Microsoft!)

Tablets are ALREADY eating into PC sales.

And it'll have more effect in the future.

And tablets are DESTROYING netbooks.

We're going from a computing world dominated by one device (the PC) to one with many devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops). Side note: this is bullish for the cloud, which is needed to tie it all together.

85 million tablet shipments by 2012 is reasonable.

But over A HUNDRED million is possible in 2012 as well.

Everyone and their brother is coming out with an Android tablet this year.

Quick rundown of the big tablet milestones coming up this year.

This is our favourite chart: tablets are part of a bigger narrative, which is the mobile internet, and will be HHHHHUGE.

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