Morgan Stanley Hires NY Jets Wide Receiver Wayne Chrebet

wayne chrebet

Morgan Stanley (MS) has hired Wayne Chrebet, the former New York Jets wide receiver, to be a financial advisor at its Red Bank, NJ office.

Technically, Chrebet has been with Morgan Stanley for six months, but he only just passed the necessary tests, reports Bloomberg, so now it’s official.

We’re not sure exactly what he’ll be doing, but our guess is that he’ll have a sales-y, customer-focused role. Basically, if the auto industry weren’t doing so bad, he’d probably be opening up his own Jeep dealership, so instead he’s been forced to go with the next worst industry in America.

Having had 9 (!) concussion in his career, Gawker snarkily calls him brain damaged, which is probably unfair.

On the other hand, they’re backed up by his former teammate Keyshawn Johnson who famously said: “Comparing Wayne Chrebet to me is like comparing a flashlight to a star, flashlights only last so long, and a star is in the sky forever.”

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