Morgan Stanley CEO Wants To Have A Private Dinner With Fox Business’ Charlie Gasparino

Gorman Gasparino

[credit provider=”Lisa Du, Business Insider”]

When Morgan Stanley’s CEO James Gorman returns from Davos, Switzerland, he’s going to have a little chit-chat with Fox Business Network’s senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino. [via TalkingBizNews]Yahoo!’s Dylan Stableford is reporting that Gorman reached out to Gasparino Tuesday and invited him to a private dinner to have an off-the-record conversation.

In case you missed it, Gasparino publicly called out Gorman on-air this week for not going in front of the cameras.

“You know, what I like about [Jamie Dimon] is that he’s certain about his job, has confidence in his abilities. He’s unlike a lot of CEOs, like James Gorman from Morgan Stanley,” Gasparino said.

However, Gorman appeared on-camera for Bloomberg TV and CNBC, while at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Gasparino has had his fair share of feuds with Morgan Stanley.  You might remember the time he came on air and said a public relations rep at the bank made death threats toward him.