MORGAN STANLEY: Here's What The Global Economy Will Do In 2013

It’s the best time of the year: 2013 predictions time.

All of the banks and analysts are coming out with their updated forecasts for what the new year will bring.

Morgan Stanley’s Joachim Fels declares in his 2013 Outlook that the global economy will once again remain ‘Stuck In The Twilight’ zone of mediocre growth, and high dependence on government action. Around the world (but especially in the US and Europe) much will depend on how badly policymakers screw it up.

This table shows the firm’s outlook.

Focus on the NEW column of the 2013E section. As you can see, global growth is expected to be just 3.1%.  Since September, Morgan Stanley has downgraded the prospects of pretty much everyone, with the exception of China and India (which have been revised higher) and the US (which stays flat).

global GDP

Photo: Morgan Stanley

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