MORGAN STANLEY PRESENTS: The 10 Best Stocks In America

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In its latest Investment Perspectives – North America research book, Morgan Stanley published its Best Ideas list.These are the 10 very best stocks money can buy in the U.S. based on “favourable risk-reward profiles” and “out-of-consensus thinking.”

The list has a few hot stocks and a few that have not entered in the headlines much as of late, but Morgan Stanley’s analysts see upsides in all of them.

CBS Corp +2.0%

Ticker: CBS

Recent Price: $33.33

Dividend Yield: 1.2%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 14.2

Description: CBS is a mass media company. They were founded in 1986 and are based out of New York, New York.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Teradata +10.1%

Ticker: TDC

Recent Price: $68.10

Dividend Yield: N/A

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 25.8

Description: Teradata Corporation provides various data warehousing solutions. They are based out of Dayton, Ohio and were founded in 1979.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Target +10.9%

Ticker: TGT

Recent Price: $57.72

Dividend Yield: 2.2%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 13.7

Description: Target Corporation is a general merchandise store that offers household essentials and various other products. They were founded in 1902 and are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Under Armour +11.0%

Ticker: UA

Recent Price: $95.53

Dividend Yield: 0.0%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 41.9

Description: Under Armour designs and distributes apparel for men and women, including sporting equipment and athletic wear. They were founded in 1996 and are based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Apple +13.6%

Ticker: AAPL

Recent Price: $633.68

Dividend Yield: N/A%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 13.5

Description: Apple designs and sells mobile communications and media devices. AAPL is based out of Cupertino, California and was founded in 1976.

Source: Morgan Stanley

RenaissanceRe +15.6%

Ticker: RNR

Recent Price: $75.26

Dividend Yield: 1.4%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 7.9

Description: RenassainceRe Holdings Ltd. provides insurance and reinsurance internationally. RNR is based out of Pembroke, Bermuda and was founded in 1993.

Source: Morgan Stanley

BorgWarner +18.6%

Ticker: BWA

Recent Price: $84.35

Dividend Yield: 0.0%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 14.8

Description: BorgWarner manufactures and sells automotive systems and components, primarily for powertrain applications. They were founded in 1987 and are based in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Union Pacific +21.5%

Ticker: UNP

Recent Price: $108.65

Dividend Yield: 2.3%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 13.1

Description: Union Pacific is a railroad transportation company based in Omaha, Nebraska. They were founded in 1862.

Source: Morgan Stanley

CenturyLink +29.8%

Ticker: CTL

Recent Price: $38.52

Dividend Yield: 7.5

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 15.8

Description: CenturyLink offers telecommunications products throughout the United States. CenturyLink was founded in Monroe, Louisiana and was founded in 1968.

Source: Morgan Stanley

Schlumberger +38.8%

Ticker: SLB

Recent Price: $68.42

Dividend Yield: 1.6%

Price-to-Earnings Ratio: 15.5

Description: Schlumberger Limited develops solutions for oil and gas exploration and production industries. SLB was founded in 1926 and is based out of Houston, Texas.

Source: Morgan Stanley

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