8 More Ways To Block Ad Companies From Secretly Tracking Your Web History

egyptKeep them out.

Yesterday we told you how to keep ad companies from tracking your web history by using a site called aboutads.info.Thanks to some excellent suggestions from commenters, we compiled a list of a few more ways to keep your browsing a secret and get rid of ads altogether.

A special shout out goes to our commenter Sean who pointed out several opt-out privacy lists that contain over 100 companies each.

If you have some more tips for private browsing, let us know in the comment section.

Click&Clean wipes your history

Click&Clean is a Chrome extension that erases your temporary files and typed URLs with just one click. You can download it here.

Join a tracker protection list

Some developers have taken the initiative to catalogue the companies that track your browsing and give you the option to block them. These tracker protection lists (TPLs) are an excellent way to block many of the companys that don't show up on aboutads.info.

Check out the app Taco from Abine, which will keep those annoying ad companies away.

Easy List integrates with Adblock Plus

Easy List is another TPL. It integrates with the popular browser extension AdBlock plus to keep your browsing experience private and ad-free.

PrivacyChoice is a handy bookmarklet

PrivacyChoice is a bookmark you add to your toolbar that lets you opt out of web tracking from more than 100 different companies.

TRUSTe is a paid privacy service

This one is great for enterprise users. TRUSTe offers extensive security and privacy options for $499 per year.

Keep Firefox safe with NoScript

NoScript is an extension for Firefox that blocks Flash, Java, and other scripts on websites you visit. It also comes loaded with ad sources to block.

Ghostery lets you know who is tracking you

Ghostery alerts you when someone is tracking your browsing history and gives you the option to block them. You can't get more simple than that.

BetterPrivacy is a Firefox extension that blocks those hard-to-delete cookies that ad companies can store on your computer.

Want some more useful browser extensions?

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