Another Way NBC Screws You: Puts Some Web Videos Behind A Cable Subscription Wall

NBC video

Have you seen this image?

You’ve been screwed by NBC. Again.

NBC is putting some videos; like a full replay of the ice skating competition, and other features; behind a subscription wall.

Users will face a screen asking for a name and account number of a cable or satellite provider–which is not only a massive invasion of privacy, but also a ridiculous requirement. Even if we had a cable subscription, why would we carry it around with us?

Once again, NBC is using their exclusive rights to Olympics broadcasting and trying to make us pay for it.

According to an AP report: “NBC Universal, which has said it expects to lose more than $200 million on the Vancouver Games, said the satellite and cable providers required the registration in return for helping to defray some of the cost of Olympics rights.”

NBC’s packaged videos, which slice up highlights of specific races and events, won’t be behind the subscription wall. But, of course, there are nice ads and sponsors for those videos, which many non-TV subscribers would have been probably watched in exchange for unfettered Olympics coverage.

Instead, NBC is losing hundreds of those viewers, and making everyone else annoyed by their ridiculous requests and antiquated TV scheduling.

Wake up, NBC.

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