More Viewers Watching TV and Web Simultaneously, Study Says

Is the Web eating into the amount of time people spend on TV? Or is TV still the primary tool of entertainment? Neither…or both…

People are spending more time on both TV and the Web simlutaneously, says Reuters, citing a Neilsen study:

Nielsen said in a report that 57 per cent of TV viewers in the U.S. who have Internet access use both mediums at the same time at least once a month. That translates to more than 128 million U.S. consumers.

The Nielsen study found the average TV viewer who uses the Internet simultaneously does that for 2 hours and 40 minutes a month, and that 28 per cent of the time they are on the Web at home, they are also watching television.

So forget old versus new; we think these numbers present a marketing opportunity for companies to use one medium to promote the other, rather than viewing both mediums as competing with each other.

Image: JoshMcConnell

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