More Than Two Thirds Of Australian Business Owners Will Be Working Through Christmas

While some are counting down the days to the Christmas break, the majority of Australian business owners will be working through the holiday, a survey has found.

Freelancing site Elance-oDesk found more than 75% of Australian business owners will be pushing on with work over the Christmas period.

While almost the same amount will be taking December 25 off, they will be working in the days between Christmas and New Years.

Even though it’s not a comprehensive survey – only 210 people responded – its findings do point to a bigger trend emerging in Australian workplaces.

Christmas is a time where managers are catching up on admin and planning for the new year, that’s what 70% said they’d be working on.

It also found business owners have trouble switching off, with just 17% saying they had no problem taking a complete break from work.

With employees taking annual leave, admin and day-to-day running of businesses over Christmas also sometimes falls with those in charge – business owners have to pick up the slack in their absence.

“When staff and colleagues are away during the holidays (not specific to Christmas), business owners are putting in extra time and working more to keep their customers happy. More than 90% of business owners plan to pick up additional work over the holidays, 70% will work longer hours and 53% will take work home with them,” Elance-oDesk said.

However there is some respite. Many businesses do tend to slow down over the Australian summer. A quarter of respondents said their companies operate at peak capacity over the period.

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