'No Man's Sky' creator says people are making millions of discoveries every hour

After years of hype, questions, and wide-eyed awe, “No Man’s Sky” finally came out on PS4 this week. The space exploration game drops each player onto a different planet at the start (just one of about 18 quintillion) and tasks them with finding a way to get to the center of the universe.

It sure seems like people are enjoying it. Our own Ben Gilbert had a great time with his early copy, and the game’s creator tweeted out a pretty mindblowing statistic:

Yes, that’s more than one million discoveries by players in an hour, and that number is growing. For a game that’s all about wowing us with big numbers, that’s pretty impressive.

Each planet, plant, and animal in “No Man’s Sky” was created not by the hands of the developers, but by complex algorithms the developers wrote. When players discover one of these things, they can name it whatever they want, and if another player ever sees that discovery, they will also see that name. 

Sean Murray’s Twitter account has been a pretty delightful stream of consciousness of someone finding out that millions of people love something they made, so I definitely recommend checking that out if you can. If you want to play “No Man’s Sky” for yourself, it’s out on PS4 for $60.

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