More Than $200,000 'Missing' From The Pro-Jon Huntsman PAC

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UPDATE 6:52 AM: Ben Smith has an update. Turns out the money paid to Bahm Marketing was paid to John Weaver, Huntsman’s main political consultant. So, somehow, John Weaver decided to draw up documents for a Bahm Marketing (the exact name for another political consultant’s business) and have himself paid through that as well. 

It looks terrible. 

Original Story:

Ben Smith at Buzzfeed has an exclusive story about how Horizon PAC, the pro-Jon Huntsman Political Action Committee, seems to be “missing” $200,000. 

According to public records, Horizon PAC paid about $200,000 in services to Bahm Marketing, a company owned by New York City based political consultant Steve Goldberg. 

Goldberg told Smith that he had not received and did not expect to receive $200,000. 

Smith got in touch with John Weaver, the chief architect of the Huntsman campaign who issued a denial:

Huntsman’s main consultant, John Weaver, said in an email that Goldberg was “mistaken” in thinking his firm hadn’t received the money. The payment related, Weaver said in the brief email, to Goldberg’s “expertise in modelling/profile creation.”

Goldberg thought it was strange and was speaking out because he didn’t want to be associated with the payments. 

Think about that. Goldberg says essentially that he didn’t get paid and didn’t expect to get paid, but Weaver says that he should have and that he did. 

Political consultants don’t normally forget about $200,000 they received or were due to receive. 

Read the whole story over at BuzzFeed

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