More than 127,100 people have been duped by a fake Qantas giveaway on Facebook

A fake Qantas Facebook page has duped at least 127,000 people into participating in a scam that promises free first-class flights for a year.

Posted just 21 hours ago, the offer has attracted 106,877 likes, 19,569 comments and 127,141 shares.

The national carrier’s authentic Facebook page says it “has nothing to do with Qantas”.

“Facebook has been advised and are currently investigating. Our campaigns are always run from our authenticated Facebook page (identified by its authorised blue tick), or through the official Qantas website.”

The fake “Qantas Airline” has little branding, information and just 6,000 likes on Facebook, while the legitimate Qantas account has 623,000 likes.

Last April the airline faced a similar scam , but automated phone calls were used. Scammers posing as Qantas staff claiming that they’ve won a credit towards their next holiday, but needed to supply their credit card details to redeem it.

Instead of finding money deposited in their bank account, it was deducted.

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