NBC Blows It Again: More SNL iPhone Clips You Won't See On YouTube, Hulu, or SNL

So much for giving viewers what they want. You still can’t find Saturday Night Live’s iPhone parody ad on YouTube. And you still can’t watch it on Hulu, the NBC/Fox JV that’s supposed to provide the two companies with a non-YouTube distribution outlet.

You can see it, after some digging, on NBC’s SNL website (it’s on the 5th page of videos). But you’ll have to watch a 15-second Gardasil ad first. Or you can watch it without any ads at this Gizmodo page, where the geniuses at Nick Denton’s tech blog have managed to show it to nearly 100,000 viewers without raising NBC’s ire (for now)…

But what if you want to watch a second SNL iPhone parody ad, one that was supposed to run on the same show, but never aired because of time restraints? That’s the kind of thing the Web was made for — surely Hulu, or at least the SNL site have that one, right?

Nope. Instead, head — again — to Gizmodo, which got it hands on the clip yesterday, and has since shown it another 100,000 people and counting…

To sum up: NBC has taken its premium content off of Google’s YouTube, where the greatest number of people could see it. But it hasn’t put it on Hulu, which is where it supposedly wants viewers to see it. Meanwhile a strike that revolves around Web video distribution issues means that viewers won’t see any new Saturday Night Live clips at all — unless they head to Gizmodo.

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