More People Bought GTA IV For The Xbox 360

Smashed Xbox

Microsoft is claiming that 60% of the Grand Theft Auto IV (TTWO) titles sold in the U.S. were bought for the Xbox 360, which would mean that the PlayStation 3 (SNE) only garnered 40%.

That sounds impressive, but it really isn’t. That’s because Xbox 360 has been in the market a year longer and, if you count just owners of the two consoles, Xbox still leads the PS3 in marketshare 70%-30%. So really, a higher proportion of PS3 owners bought the game and contributed to Take Two’s $500 million haul.

Still, Microsoft says the game is fueling a surge in sales of Xbox consoles, up 54% week-to-week after GTA IV’s release. It had better: Microsoft pumped about $50 million into GTA IV to get exclusive access to downloadable content (which releases later this year).

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