There was an all-time high of 495 scripted original TV shows in 2018, as Netflix and other streaming services surge

Netflix‘Stranger Things’
  • The number of scripted original shows on online services is now higher than on broadcast or basic cable networks.
  • There were 495 scripted original shows in total in 2018.

For the first time ever, the number of scripted original TV shows is higher on streaming services than on basic cable or broadcast networks.

As Netflix invests heavily in original content, and Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more try to keep up, the number of original series on online services has increased to 160, according to an analysis by FX Networks Research.

Last year, the number of original streaming shows was 117.

Broadcast networks had 146 shows in 2018, basic cable had 144, and pay cable had 45.

There were 495 scripted original series total in 2018, while 2017 had 487. If viewers think it’s hard to keep up with TV now, even more companies, like Disney and AT&T, are launching their own streaming services in 2019.

Below is a chart that breaks it all down:

Fx networksFX Networks Research

And here is how the number of original series has taken flight on streaming services since 2014:

  • 2014: 33.
  • 2015: 49.
  • 2016: 90.
  • 2017: 117.
  • 2018: 160.

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