More MacBook Predictions: No Tablet, Says Piper (AAPL)

More details/predictions on next Tuesday’s Mac laptop unveiling, via Piper’s Gene Munster. The upshot: cheaper, better, but nothing fundamentally different.

  • New MacBooks at $899-$999 (9%-18% off current prices), with an aluminium case and a touchpad ala the MacBook Air line.
  • Redesigned MacBook Pros, perhaps a bit cheaper.
  • Updated MacBook Airs
  • That’s it. No tablet, no computer from the future hacked out a single piece of titanium, etc.

Is that going to be enough to juice the stock? Probably not. In fact, if history holds, AAPL will drop down after Tuesday’s announcement. That said as probable MacBook buyers, we are very interested in seeing what Steve has to offer; in particular, we’re hoping he can convince us that the Air has now been beefed up enough so that it can be a primary PC, instead of just a travel companion. If it does, we’re sold.

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