More Looks Inside The Madoff Machinery

The Wall Street Journal tracked down a few more of employees of Bernie Madoff to provide a peek behind the curtain of the nation’s biggest ever Ponzi scheme.

William Nasi, who worked as a messenger for the Madoff operation, gave few new details, but did say that Bernie didn’t start asking for receipts of delivery until the SEC came a-knocking.

WSJ reporters also got words from Nader Ibrahim, who worked in the technology department of the firm. His main observation is that Bernie got nervous when the SEC boys were around. (Doesn’t everyone?)

Other new tidbits:

•”I would open the office at 7:30 a.m. and sometimes I would see Bernie in there, vacuuming the floors, personally,” said Mr. Nasi. “He was a workaholic and a ‘cleanophobe.’ Everything had to be clean, even if he had to do it himself.”

•Mr. Madoff was prone to dropping by people’s desks and asking after them. “It was the most work-friendly environment, a family environment,” said Nasi.

•Bernie was a buzz-kill at the company’s Christmas party this year, held the night before he turned himself in.

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