More Great News for Newspapers and Dow Jones (DJ)

A solid economy, volatile markets, and near-daily scoops on the Murdoch-Bancroft saga…but advertising at the print Wall Street Journal still collapsed in July.  Ad revenue fell 7.2% year-over-year on a shocking volume decrease of 20.9% (inches).

Other heartwarming stats:

  • Technology advertising volume decreased 75.4%
  • Classified volume decreased 13.5% due to a decrease in real estate advertising.
  • General ad volume decreased 5.9% led by decreases in auto, electronics, pharma, luxury goods and corporate advertising (excluding auto, general advertising volume increased 12.8%).
  • International print ad revenue decreased 6.5% in July primarily driven by declines in technology and classified advertising.
  • At Barron’s, total print ad revenue decreased 9.5% in July on a 16.2% decrease in advertising pages primarily driven by a decrease in financial advertising.
  • Local ad revenue decreased 9.3% on a 16.5% decline in volume, as decreases in classified, non-daily and display advertising revenue were partially offset by increases in online (up 36.4%) and preprint advertising revenue.

The saving grace (which didn’t save much).  Online advertising revenue at The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, which includes,, and the company’s vertical websites increased 24.0% in July driven by increases in financial and technology advertising.  Who really saved the day?  Rupert Murdoch.  Not that the Bancrofts will ever thank him.


You’re welcome.

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