70% of UK Businesses Block Facebook. Phones Next?


The no-Facebook-at-work trend is gaining steam, with more than two-thirds of British businesses now blocking the service (and, presumably, infuriating their employees). Other companies have made “Facebooking” at work a fireable offence.  The Telegraph has details. 

We think this practice is shortsighted–and not just because we’d fire any employer who took away our access.  As Dan Frommer pointed out last week, Facebook is rapidly becoming as much a business tool as a personal tool–just as the telephone did a hundred years ago.  Companies that ban Facebook, et al, to ensure that their employees don’t waste time, should probably also ditch phones, so employees can’t make personal calls. 

The bottom line?   The problem isn’t Facebook.  It’s lazy, easily distracted employees and bureaucratic managers.  And they’ve been around forever, with or without technology.

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