More Companies Are Cracking Down On What Employees Can Say Online

Justine Sacco FacebookFacebookJustine Sacco, who became infamous for tweeting a seemingly racist remark before boarding a long plane flight. The tweet went viral while she was in the air, and she was fired when she landed.

Remember when your online life had nothing to do with your work life? 

Those days are over. According to the latest report from the Pew Research Internet Project, companies are getting stricter about what you can say and do online.

In 2014, almost half (48%) of the people responding to Pew said that their employers had rules about how they can present themselves on the internet. That’s up from 25% in 2008, and only 20% in 2006.

These policies have followed the rise of social media, where one bad crack can be amplified and sent to millions of people in just a few hours.

There’s been a steady stream of stories about people getting fired for their cracks on social media, from the waitress who complained about low tips on Facebook through the clerk who boasted about being great at wasting time.  

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