The chaos continues for travellers who are delayed at Heathrow airport

Heathrow delaysJack Taylor / GettyThe cost British Airways will have to pay is likely to be huge.

Despite being informed it was hoping to run a “near normal schedule” earlier, over a third of British Airways flights have been cancelled as the chaos continues into a second day at Heathrow airport.

The airline was hit with a global computer system power failure on Saturday, leaving thousands of customers stranded at Gatwick and Heathrow airports in London.

BA has requested that people check their status of flights before coming to Heathrow, and to only show up if a replacement flight has been confirmed.

BA apologised for the issue which was thought to be caused by a problem with the IT system’s power supply.

Updated schedules can be found on both the Heathrow and Gatwick websites.

According to the Evening Standard, some travellers have reported having to pay up high sums of money to stay at nearby hotels, despite being entitled to compensation. Some customers have also reported they have been asked to leave the airport without their belongings.

According to the BBC, travellers who have been displaced by flight cancellations can claim up to £200 per day for a hotel room, £50 for transport, and £25 a day per adult for meals and refreshments.

Between 6am and 11am on Sunday, 143 British Airways flights were scheduled to depart from Heathrow and Gatwick. 90 have left Heathrow and 36 have been cancelled. 17 flights have departed from Gatwick.

BBC correspondent Phillip Norton is currently stranded in Rome. He reported that although BA is telling people to rebook their flights on the app or website, error messages come up, meaning they are unable to do so.

British Airways statement

At 1:36pm on Sunday, British Airways released a video statement about the delays. Chairman & CEO Alex Cruz said they are running a “near full service” at Gatwick, but “some flights might be subject to delays.” He added the knock-on effect from yesterday’s cancellations will lead to further delays at Heathrow.

“I know this has been a horrible time for customers,” he said in the statement. “Some of you have missed holidays, some of you have been stranded on aircrafts, and some of you have been separated from your bags. Many of you have been stuck in long queues whilst you’ve waited for information.”

He added: “On behalf of everyone at British Airways, I want to apologise for the fact that you’ve had to go through these very trying experiences, and to thank you for your patience and your understanding.”

Sunday afternoon update

Some passengers are getting conflicting messages from the BA website and then over the phone. Many shops have run out of food in the terminals, and people aren’t being allowed into Terminal 5 until 90 minutes before departure. 

BA are not taking interviews from any media organisations.

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