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More business people are getting cosmetic surgery -- here's why

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Cosmetic surgery used to be a taboo term.

Flooded with images of excessive cosmetic procedures obtained by the stars, cosmetic surgery could not be more different these days. In fact, an increasingly large number of businessmen and women are choosing cosmetic surgery and the reasons can be quite diverse.

Staying ahead of the pack

The business world can be ruthless, especially in businesses where presentation is everything. People who work in real estate or similar industries must look impeccable themselves, so these are often the people who will look at cosmetic procedures to keep on looking their best.

Businessmen and women who are considering cosmetic surgery usually do so when they hit a certain age. They can feel threatened by some of the younger recruits and obtain a procedure to keep looking their best.

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic procedures do not always entail a surgical procedure. Some procedures require no incision and can result in a more natural appearance; this is the case for procedures such as peels, scrubs, and laser, which are available at cosmetic surgery clinics such as the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Cosmetic surgery is there so that businessmen and women feel their best, yet having realistic expectations is important before obtaining cosmetic surgery. A good surgeon will discuss this with you during the initial consultation.

What cosmetic surgery is today

Cosmetic surgery is not about the so-called “fake looks” a lot of people remember when talking about the subject. Nowadays, it is all about obtaining a natural result.

By obtaining a certain procedure, patients can find a solution to common problems. While some of these problems are part of the natural ageing process, some can also relate to persistent fat deposits. Procedures such as laser resurfacing, liposuction, and facelifts are obtained often these days.

Cosmetic procedures have evolved considerably over the years. While there is still some degree of risk involved, procedures are less invasive than they used to be. The mini facelift is a prime example. Instead of performing the procedure on the entire face, a surgeon will focus on the lower third of the face.

Even liposuction procedures have evolved considerably. The obtained fat can now be used to increase the size of the breasts or the buttocks; this is referred to as fat grafting or the fat transfer. This procedure was introduced in Australia by cosmetic surgeons such as Dr Daniel Lanzer, who aim at making procedures more natural and less risky for patients.

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Getting cosmetic surgery

Before getting cosmetic surgery, the reasons must be realistic. While cosmetic surgery has changed significantly in terms of natural results, there are still surgeons out there who will overuse cosmetic procedures, making the result less than natural.

We have all seen the pictures of celebrities in magazines, who have huge lips and big bottoms. These types of cosmetic procedures are far from ideal and can carry quite a bit of risk. Naturally, businessmen and women have little benefit from these procedures, as they do not want others to find out they had anything done most of the time.

Businessmen and women can get the most from their procedure by choosing the right surgeon. A surgeon should always explain the procedure in detail; this includes the benefits as well as the risks. Patients also receive a consent form, which outlines all the risks and possible complications of a certain procedure. While a lot of the risk has been reduced through the advancements in the world of cosmetic surgery, the consent form should always be considered carefully.

Treatment abroad

Cosmetic surgery can be an investment, even for businessmen and women who are successful, but it happens all too often that these people look for treatment abroad.

While treatment abroad can be more cost-effective, the risks are more substantial too. The language barrier, standards of training for cosmetic surgeons, aftercare, and even resources used during your treatment can affect the outcome. Cosmetic surgery tourism is not unusual, but it carries a lot more risks. One knows what to expect from medical standards in Australia, but is this the same for the rest of the world?

Dr Lanzer always recommends a second opinion when seeking any medical procedures or surgeries as any surgery has risks involved.

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