More Bad News For YouTube: Fox, NBC Extend Hulu Exclusives

A key part of Disney’s (DIS) joining Hulu: Its two founding networks, NBC and Fox, will renew their exclusive deals with Hulu for two more years, according to paidContent’s Staci Kramer. This means that you won’t find full episodes of Fox shows on other streaming sites unless they’re Fox or NBC’s sites, or have distribution deals with Hulu.

This is bad news for Google’s (GOOG) YouTube, which is trying to add more professional and full-length content to its site in an effort to sell better ads. YouTube will now have to do a deal with Hulu to get those shows — instead of trying to sweet-talk the networks into ditching Hulu for greener pastures. (Or instead of trying to corral CBS and ABC to fight the Hulu contingent. Now only CBS is left.) YouTube is still by far the dominant Web video site in the U.S., but Hulu is beginning to compete.

This doesn’t change much for no. 2 video site MySpace, which is also reportedly trying to turn itself into an entertainment portal. News Corp., which owns Fox, also owns MySpace. And MySpace has a deal with Hulu that will let it stream any shows on its site. (And can presumably sell display ads around the content.) MySpace just hired Jason Hirschhorn as chief product officer. His last job was building the video portal, including negotiating a deal with Hulu.

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