More Bad News for NYT, et al: Guardian Invasion

The UK’s Guardian has launched a US web site,, produced by an editorial team of 8 based in Washington DC.  The move is intended to capitalise on the Guardian’s already large readership, which accounts for nearly a third of the traffic to the Guardian’s UK site.

In the latest audited ABCe figures for August, 5.1 million of Guardian Unlimited’s 15.9 million unique users came from the US.

Guardian America is edited by US journalist and author Michael Tomasky.  The site will draw on the resources of the Guardian’s UK and international journalism, tailoring the presentation of stories to a US audience.

Over time the site will introduce reader services such as holidays and dating, and will eventually include opportunities for recruitment advertising.

“The Guardian’s already huge US audience shows that they must be doing something right,” Tomasky said. “What we’ll try to do is to bring those American readers the best and most relevant of what London produces every day and combine it with political and cultural coverage of the states that is more geared toward a US audience’s interests but staying faithful to the Guardian sensibility.”  More

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