More Australians are shunning passenger vehicles in favour of 4WDs

Nothing demonstrates Australia’s shifting preference for new cars than the chart below.

It’s annual new motor vehicle sales in Australia by type of vehicle, using data from the ABS.

Collectively, we’re ditching passenger vehicles, choosing instead to purchase four-wheel drives.

According to the ABS, passenger vehicles sales totaled 475,233 in the year to March, the lowest total since March 1995. Underlining where many of those sales have shifted to, those for four-wheel drives rose to 443,254, the highest level on record.

Given the current trend, it won’t be too long until the former replaces the latter.

In absolute terms, total new car sales came in at 1.169 million over the past year, the fewest since April 2016.

That’s largely reflective of weakness in Western Australia and Queensland where sales fell by 7,675 and 7,811 units over the past year, offsetting strength in New South Wales and Victoria.

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