GET EXCITED For More Ads On Your mobile phone And iPad

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It’s a busy week for mobile advertising:

  • Mobile ad network Millennial Media is releasing an iPad advertising SDK with new ad formats, including a “floating canvas” and motion sensor-activated creative.
  • This in addition to AdMob’s forthcoming iPad ad SDK, which we reported this week.
  • Mobile ad/analytics firm Medialets is releasing an Android advertising SDK, which will run the same rich-media creative from its iPhone ads.
  • Apple is expected to unveil its advertising platform tomorrow, one of 15 features developers told us they wanted for iPhone OS 4.
  • Yahoo is also doing something for iPad ads, MediaPost reports.

Semi-related: In our early testing of iPad apps, we’re especially impressed with the WSJ app’s ads, which have all been developed in-house. They include a small ad tab at the bottom of pages and full-page interstitials.

We’re looking forward to seeing how ad firms standardize iPad ad types over the next several months, and we’ll be especially curious to see whether iPad advertising goes mostly to online ad companies or mobile ad companies.

Let us know if you see cool ads on the iPad or other mobile platforms: [email protected]

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