Walter Noel's Brazilian Connection

, Bianca Haegler, the local sales rep who is apparently not licensed to sell investment products in Brazil. (Actively marketing offshore funds is also illegal in Brazil.) Fairfield Greenwich Group has removed her name from its web site after getting questions about her from the Wall Street Journal.

Now, via a commenter on the must-read site, For What It’s Worth, comes more on the Brazilian part of the family. The links are particularly click-worthy, please check them all out—you’ll thank us.

Commenter On For “What It’s Worth” Blog:

fab five noel daughters have two Rio cousins
January 5, 2009 at 9:18 am The story and intrigue of the Noel connection to the Madoff scandal justs gets better with age..

Just when you thought there could be no more end to the Noel story, up pop Monica’s side of the family business in Rio. The seller of Fairfield Sentry fund in Rio Brazil was Bianca Haegler (she’s the one holding the bag and pictured at left in this 2008 fashion show picture with her sister Bettina in the tiger strip dress at the right).

Bianca came to the FGG business meeting on Friday December 12. By Monday, Dec 15 Bianca’s entire profile was removed from the FGG site. It said she was a representative in Rio. She sold Madoff products with her father Alex Haegler (Monica’s brother) at Haegler SA. They “lost” about 2 billion dollars as a result of Madoff.

Bianca was listed as a 1997 graduate of Bentley College in Waltham MA with a degree in finance.
She married a cardiologist named Carlos Scherr.


This picture must of been taken a few years back. Her husband is an equally good self-promoter as are the Haeglers and Noel’s.



The “Haegler sisters” were sketched by an artist apparently long ago with her mother Sandra (Monica’s sister-in-law).

The fab five Noel daughters got the same treatment from the society artist. Monica could not resist being among the noble set way back when…

Sandra and Walter were pictured together partying on Mustique with billionaire Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary.

This posting will probably really piss off the Noel’s locally and sure to get the Brazilians tuning in as this story unfolds. Thanks for putting the spotlight of some shady dealings locally. People who live in glass houses …

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