Park Your Yacht In The Front Yard At This Incredible New House in Poland

MOOMOO Architects Yacht House

Photo: MOOMOO Architects

What’s a luxury house without the ultimate parking space?We’ve shown you the Singapore high-rise that allows you to park your car in the living room, but this Yacht House by Polish architecture firm MOOMOO Architects takes it to the next level.

The firm designed a home in Poland that has a parking space for a yacht (or any boat, really) in the front yard.

A water canal runs through the central design of the house and the house includes a lock lift that would allow the boat to sail along the window line of the kitchen and living room.

The U-shaped house, which is currently undergoing construction, is 700 square meters (not including storage rooms and the garage), and will be embedded on a steep slope that is close to the shoreline, giving unparalleled views of the water. The home is being built for for private clients.

This schematic shows how the yacht would be parked. The lock lift rises once the boat is docked to secure it from drifting away.

The inspiration for the working canal came when the Polish architects learned of their clients' love for motor yachts.

A look at the house from the side shows how the yacht would sail past the lower-level windows of the house.

Inside, the downstairs lounge mimics the seating arrangements on the stern of a boat.

The interior of the house is simplistic with warm wood tones and a modern aesthetic.

The upper bathroom has sweeping views of the nearby lake.

The total area of the property is 1,457 square meters and includes a garden and infinity pool.

Everything from the mooring handles of the railings to lounge areas situated under terraces was inspired by a yacht.

Plus it has a cool underground garage for the clients to keep their cars, too.

Now for some houses that aren't conceptual.

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