This economics talk came with lunch at one of the most outrageously fancy restaurants in NYC

Per Se is one of the best restaurants in the world.

Thomas Keller’s New York flagship has three stars from the Michelin guide and four stars from the New York Times — highest honours from both.

This week, the job search company Indeed put on a luncheon at the famed restaurant with its chief economists, Tara Sinclair and John Lonski, the chief economist for financial markets at Moody’s.

Business Insider documented the experience.

Per Se is on the fourth floor Manhattan's Time Warner Center.

From the fourth floor, you can see Central Park.

The restaurant is located behind the famous blue double doors. The doors don't open. To get in, you go through the sliding glass door to the left.

The NYC Health Department is satisfied.

This is the entryway immediately behind the doors. I was greeted at the door with...

A glass of champagne. Hospitality!

I took a trip to the bathroom. It's very nice!

This is what the dining room looks like. There is another room with views of Columbus Circle, but today we were here.

After the champage comes white wine for the first course.

For a business lunch, there are three courses. This was the menu.

There's a choice of still or sparkling water. The glass on all of the cups is extremely thin.

Before the first course, there was a small amuse bouche. It was some sort of custard.

The wait staff added a green purée. Peas, most likely.

This was the view from my seat.

After the amuse-bouche came the bread.

The butter was served in a hive-like form.

The appetizer: Roasted sunchoke with wild ramps, pickled cherries, frisée lettuce, and horseradish

Red wine was served for the main course. Fine dining often means a lot of drinking.

The main course, an 'herb-roasted ribeye of prime beef' along with mushrooms, asparagus, and bearnaise sauce.

And finally dessert! 'Coffee and doughnuts' was coffee ice cream, whipped foam, and a doughnut.

There was also real coffee, which I needed after all the wine.

After the dessert are the petits fours -- almost like having a second dessert!

Don't forget your swag bag!

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