Check Out's London HQ, Where They Make Those Neat Little Business Cards (PHOTO TOUR) tour slide

Hang out in the design or web scenes and you’re bound to collect a few mini-cards — neat, colourful, half-sized business cards, custom-ordered via the web. is the creation of Richard Moross, who started with a flop — “Pleasure Cards,” and a social network that no one really wanted to use — but eventually found great success with his mini cards and a partnership with Flickr, the photo sharing site.

Now, years later, the company is large and growing, aiming to disrupt the $100 billion global printing industry via the web. Revenue is in the tens of millions, the company has been profitable since 2009, and it plans to hire another 20 or 30 employees this year, to get near 100. (There’s also a U.S. office in Rhode Island.)

We visited in London earlier this year and Moross was kind enough to give us a tour.

We start our tour in London's Shoreditch neighbourhood, which has quite a few design and tech shops around

Right this way

Follow the signs into the courtyard

And there are the offices

Moo's cool little cards on display in the entryway

We're greeted by receptionist Lizzie Hutchinson

That's founder and CEO Richard Moross, our tour guide, standing. In the foreground is design contractor Jonathan Howells. developers


Moross shows us a tiny photo studio in a back corner

Here's Kate Leto, Moo's head of product

A London scene out the windows

Here's developer Kai Price

Simon Reekie, Senior Software Engineer

Product designer Paul Thorogood joined in 2008 and has designed all of's packaging and products since then

Designers Jovana and Chris

Neat pillows!

Every company has a different naming scheme for its conference rooms. At, they're named after print colours: Magenta, Cyan, etc.

Moross shows us some of the cool new card designs that recently launched, including these cassette tapes

Pong cards

Cord cards

Even nice foodie cards

Simon Goble, Online Campaign Manager, and Charlotte Hintzen, Customer Marketing Associate

Moross shows us the employee photo wall has about 70 employees now, and will grow up to 90-100 by the end of the year

Cool card accessories

Some local startups use some of Moo's extra space

Employee lunch area

Moross founded the company in 2004. It was initially a social networking site of sorts, with little cards as a bonus. But the cards wound up being the most interesting part of the company. And they took off.

When Moo had its housewarming party, they sourced all the food and drink locally, so they drew a map to illustrate where it all came from -- the local market, brewery etc. Some nearby companies added their logos to it when they came by.

Beer from here!

Obligatory kitchen shot.

Very Euro!

Moross shows us the foosball table

Old Nintendos!

How to write good code!

Now we head into the warehouse area where they package up the cards to send out

A fresh batch ready to go

Moo sleeves

Here's how the cards are organised

Yay! stickers

Warehouse workers

Moross shows us a set ready for shipping

The UK customer service team

Customer service reps Fauzia Bildircin and Hilda Osazuwa

That's about it!

On our way out, we flip through an old photo book showing the early days of the company

This looks like a lot of fun. Note to entrepreneurs: Take pictures of your companies!

Cool mailboxes for the different departments

Give us your old business cards!

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