Monster Ecstatic About 'Across The Board' Job Growth

Hiring hired hire jobs

Monster is making some positive rumblings on the job creation front, reporting a broad, sustainable rebound in hiring activity.


“It’s across the board, it’s in virtually every segment, every professional or occupational sector, we are seeing increases in demand,” Mr. Iannuzzi said. “The mood, the discussion, for our customers is much more positive than it has been. It looks like it’s sustainable.”

“That it is the first time in a number of quarters that the numbers have been going in a positive direction that we have reason to believe that improvement is real,” Mr. Iannuzzi said, adding that the first-half of the year is historically seasonally weak anyway.

Mr. Iannuzzi said that the strength appeared to be coming from both small and large businesses. He also said hiring growth is occurring world-wide.

“You are starting to see that in the demand for our services and hiring, and that builds the foundation,” Mr. Iannuzzi said. “This seems to be more sustained, more organic, more on solid footing.”

Note that the small business job creation described by Monster was confirmed by last week’s Intuit small business report.

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