Monster (MNST): Please Don’t Use Us Anymore

That’s not exactly what CEO Sal Iannuzzi said, but he may as well have: Reuters reports that the data theft reported earlier this month may be much worse than the 1.3 million names Monster has already acknowledged were affected. Turns out there were earlier data thefts, and “We’re assuming it is a large number. It could easily be in the millions,” Iannuzzi said. The kicker: “To be safe, he said, each user should assume that his or her contact information has been taken.” (That’s our emphasis, obviously.)

There is one possible bright side here for Iannuzzi, who is already facing brutal competition from Craigslist et al, is in the midst of a restructuring, and just parted ways with his CFO of global operations: He may be overstating the problem and taking the short-term hit now rather than letting this leak out for several more weeks. And as of 7 p.m., the market was taking the news well: Shares were down a mere 3.6% in after-hours trading. Reuters