These monster machines are changing the world of construction

6 monster machines that are changing construction:

#1 The ScreedSaver BOSS 240 smoothes out concrete using rollers and blades. It uses GPS to ensure accuracy.

#2 The Hunklinger makes bricklaying much quicker. It lays 1,000 bricks of any size and shape per hour!

#3 This $US100 million monstrous excavator can dig up 240,000 tons of rock a day. The excavator is 310 feet tall and weighs 15,500 tons. It was built to remove coal and excess rock from mines.

#4 The BMM300 rolls out brick after brick.

#5 This road-building machine rolls out bricks like a carpet. As the RPS6 Roadprinter rolls backward, gravity brings the bricks flat to rest on the ground. This creates a perfect brick road.

#6 This 6,700-ton monster machine was digging under Seattle for years. “Bertha” the boring machine has a 57.5-foot diameter. The machine was designed to dig a two-mile-long highway tunnel.

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