Meet The Creepy Dolls That Are Burying Barbie

Barbie sales have been plummeting recently. 

Mattel reported today that sales of the doll fell 12% year-over-year. The problem is isolated to Barbie: Sales of the company’s other girl brands climbed 23%. 

So what are girls buying instead of Barbie? Monster High dolls, another product made by Mattel.

The dolls are “cannibalising” Barbie sales as girls opt for Monster High, company executives said on an earnings call today. 

Mattel created Monster High in 2010, and sales have been skyrocketing ever since they hit shelves.

The dolls are inspired by famous monsters like Dracula, the Mummy, Medusa, and Frankenstein’s monster, and retail for around $20 each (compared with around $10 for Barbie). 

Monster High is “all about celebrating your differences,” company execs said in an earnings call today, adding that the franchise appeals to both younger and older girls. 

Mattel is creating a franchise for Monster High that is similar to the Barbie empire. The brand has a web series, video game, dolls, clothing, stationery, and more. 

Here’s the “Frankie Stein” doll, which is top-rated on Mattel’s site: 

monster high doll

“Frankie Stein doll features a light-up skull, ribcage, and neck bolts — and makes electrifying sounds when you press on her stomach! Plus, she wears to-die-for fashions, including a white top and plaid skirt with tulle accents!” the product description reads. 

Other popular choices are Clawdeen Wolf: 

clawdeen wolf

And Draculaura: 

draculaura monster high

Don’t feel too bad for Barbie: Mattel is releasing a new electronic horse for her this holiday. 

barbie president

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