Monster, Career Builder Unveil New Campaigns Aimed At People With Jobs


Is it just us or has it been a long time since you’ve seen an ad for job-seeking Web sites like Monster or CareerBuilder?

One would think with unemployment numbers being what they are, this would be a high-traffic time for both companies.

And Monster and CareerBuilder are unveiling new, humorous campaigns over the next few weeks. But both oddly seem not to be focusing on the masses of unemployed people out there.

NY Times: [A]s it tries to appeal to job seekers in a new advertising campaign, Monster Worldwide, the parent company of the employment Web site Monster, decided to use a humorous touch…

They found that people wanted humour, even in a cheerless economy.

In one television spot, a construction worker clings to a beam, crying and whimpering; the camera then pans up to show he is only a few feet off the ground. In another, a crew of emergency medical technicians jumps out of an ambulance as heroic music plays. They run to a car accident — and an E.M.T. faints.

“Are you in the right job?” the ads ask…

With the ads and the redesigned site, Monster is trying to attract not only the unemployed, but also people who currently have jobs, which it calls “passive seekers.” That’s because Monster is paid when employers list jobs and when they contact a candidate. The more résumés employers like, the more revenue Monster should get.

“That passive seeker, if you think about it, a lot of passive seekers are the best candidates,” said Ted Gilvar, Monster’s chief global marketing officer. has also launched a new ad campaign.

The entire campaign features humour, even in print ads aimed at employers running in human-resources magazines — not quite havens for comedy. Lines in the ads include, “Our new Web site is so easy to use it will make the glue stick seem intellectually challenging,” and, “It’s like online dating without that awkward kiss good-night.”